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Petrol will increase RM0.40 after 12am today?


Just get from my friend, can it be trusted? I don't know, but I think I will go to feed my little car fully later.

Reach Bridge at 7.30am Today

27 December 2007, Thursday, woke up at 6.15am, preparing to work, while going to start my car engine, shit! Found that my right side, tire behind punctured!! Oh my god! I gonna be late to work already. Sms to tauke, inform him first I will work at 9am, in case of been trapped in traffic jam.

7.20am, finally the tire been replaced with spare tire, then just speed up to work, arrived company at 8.01am. Lol, 1 minute late, have to count as start work at 9am already.

What I wanna share here is, base on the time, you can see I just took half an hour to reach my office, located at Bayan Baru, means that, in holiday season, Penang Bridge traffic in the MORNING can be considered good enough if compare to non-holiday season.

Santa landed at Penang Bridge!

Santa has been landed at Penang Bridge, bringing his wishes to all of you, wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and hope for No jam forever!

Thanks to asiaexplorers.com

Searching Penang Bridge's images with Google. Found asiaexplorers.com. Check out all the images above, a very unique shot photos done by them. You might be never seen and curious how is the structure behind the Penang Bridge, now, from them, from their nice shot photos, you got the answer.

Proud to Penang Citizens' behavior

Look at the photos. Ambulance past through Penang Bridge last week when I was driving there too. The ambulance speed came, might be something emergency in front. I'm so proud to see all the cars at Penang Bridge, adjust their cars automatically to side, new line been created specially for the ambulance past through ( 2nd image ).

Proud of you, Penang guys! That will make ambulance arrived the destination very soon!

Last nite jam like wanna die!

Last nite, 19 Dec 2007, Wednesday, after complete my work the time was 11pm. I need to go back early and get my bus at 1245am to Kuala Lumpur. There was a busy jam which I had never met before, might because of next day is an public holiday ( Hari Raya Haji ). So, I had decided to use ferry, I turned to ferry, who know! Super jam there too!

Turned back to Penang Bridge, phoned to my friend to help to check Penang Bridge traffic with my pbcam. Finally I had arrived home at 12am. Prepare as soon as possible then get in my bus on time.

The reason jam also might be because of a Container stuck in the middle of Penang Bridge.

Penang Bridge Is Under I.C.U.

Before admitted to I.C.U.

After admitted to I.C.U.

The pathetic sight of Penang Bridge which resembles ICU patient being hooked up with " oxygen tank " and " respiratory system ".

The " feel " when passing Penang Bridge now is different. Environment looks very messy, full with " respiratory system " and not comfortable.

What the car is???

Check out the horse's ass! lol.

I also feel curious when following this car's behind. When I saw this car from far, really cannot know what the car is! Finally, when I had driven closer to the car, I saw a horse standing inside, so, still wanna ask me what the car is?

The driver is an old foreigners, wearing a cowboy hat, maybe he was going to be a cowboy at somewhere??? Haha...

A peace and silent toll

What a peace and silent Penang Bridge toll plaza! Have you ever seen that? Haha, I took that photo when jamming because of our " MATA " ( police ) blocked there.

It was a peace environment right? When the next morning come, peace will be replaced by " war ", a vehicle's war, fight for entering Penang Bridge.

Check it out!

Bayan lepas there, just suddenly saw that when I was checking Penang Bridge traffic. Someone there are trying to help already.

Touchngo lines

Which Toughngo's line you think is faster? Two main lines there, left and right. I always choose the left side line, I feel that will be faster than the right line. My friend also feel that too. Sometimes, you may choose to use the " Tunai / Cash " line at beside, it has Touchngo machine too.

SmartTAG line, it seems like always jam and make a long long "Q" there. Might be SmartTAG's user more than Touchngo's user? or SmartTAG machine always make trouble and cause jam? Tell all the readers here more if you are one of the SmartTAG's user, please comment.

Save with Touchngo

Touchngo, I'm sure much of Penang guy knew it. Saving time, saving " Money " too! Why say so? Any discount by using that card? Yea, of course. For those who register and purchase the card at Penang Bridge toll there, will be entitled to RM5.60 when touch and go to Penang Bridge. Save RM1.40, which the normal price is RM7.00.

I'm just curious one thing, I found that if you purchase the same card but not at Penang Bridge toll there, will not entitled for the discount, is it a Privilege for those who purchase from Penang Bridge Toll only? Anyone know pls comment. THANKS!

Can't find where is the shop located at?
You have to turned left before you reach the Penang Bridge toll plaza, a building there, which is located at your right hand side. That is.

For more info, www.touchngo.com.my

Don't ever let it happen!

Please to be reminded that don't ever follow at lorry behind or let lorry following behind you when you are driving, especially at Penang Bridge. I'm sure many of you know why I say so. It is very dangerous! Lorry, a huge and high weight vehicle, it is tough to do " emergency brake " in a short time. Just imagine, if suddenly emergency brake at Penang Bridge, although that is just a little Kancil behind you, you will also feel scared will hit your back, what about if is a lorry behind you? I'm sure that will be more than scare, that lorry not just hit you, but maybe will kill you.

Nows a day lorry driver on the road are very not responsible, they speed driving, they cut you in dangerous way, when accident, what is the reason they give? Yea, is " out of control ", then settle.

Please, take note. Keep away yourself from lorry when you are driving, especially who are driving a little small car / vehicle.

Late Nite 12.45am also Jam! What the F!

Last night, it was late, about 12.45am, I just back from Redbox KTV. When I was start entering Penang Bridge, the traffic shock me! It was jammed! What the F! 1 line has been closed, for expanded project. After Penang Bridge, I thought I had been released from jam, who knows... Jam again. Police block at in front. So, wait again and again. Finally I have arrived home at 1.45am... zzz

Do you know?

Try to check our your car's rear mirror now, maybe you are not realize, there is a button at the bottom of the mirror. You might wonder what is the function when we switch the button down or up? Some of you might say, that is for different height driver adjust to suit within a car. NO, that is wrong. Look at the photo I had shot for you, before and after. Can you differentiate it? " Before ", the behind car's light is brighter than the " after ". That is the way to use. Sometimes when we are driving at night, car's headlight / spotlight at behind might straight to your eyes and feel very uncomfortable, because it is too bright. Try to adjust to button down / up, the brightness will be reduced about 70%! Amazing?

Rainy day traffic

Last Wednesday, it was a rainy day. Before I depart from house, I was wondering will the Penang Bridge traffic jam!? Yea, there was jammed after I check out my pbcam.blogspot.com. Usually, in rainy day, you have to prepare yourself earlier and try to reach Penang Bridge toll plaza as early as possible to avoid from trapped in the traffic jam. Please drive safety and slow, don't ever speed at Penang Bridge especially in rainy day. You will face a " big problem " if you always try to do so.

pbcam now with finetune!

Checking traffic and read through my blog without music is boring? Now, pbcam have finetune! You may enjoy the greatest music while browsing my blog now. What should you do? Just scroll down, and press the play button. Enjoy! I will keep update the songs playist.

Find out more about now!

4 Giants " Attack " Penang Bridge!

Yesterday morning. When I was waiting at the " Tambah nilai " ( touchngo top up ) line, suddenly a GIANT come across! That shock me! Wao, that lorry really huge! At the first i though one only, who knows...3 more following at the back! I start wondering, later will them make the Penang Bridge traffic jam? Fortunately, no jam. Might because of holiday season, not much cars in the morning now.

* That 4 giants really HUGE, really scared.

Can you live without Penang Bridge?

I have wondered… can you live without Penang Bridge but Ferry? I know it is taugh for certain people to use Ferry, because of time problem - need to wait.

My dear readers, if you don't mind, leave me a message ( comment ) about how, if one day, no Penang Bridge, will that cause you a big problem?

CHEC will bulid second Penang bridge

Thanks to greatsunrise

Microsoft - VisitMalaysia2007

Microsoft celebrate Malaysia 50 years of Nationhood together with their partners, customers and friends. The landing page they had been created is Nice! Click here to view the site.

Microsoft did provide some wallpapers too. One of the wallpapers they provided is our Penang Bridge. Nice is it? Yeah, just click on the images above to download and set it to be your desktop wallpaper, the size given here is 1600x1200. For widescreen, may download from here (2560x1600).

Penang Bridge LIVE Video!

Wow! pbcam.blogspot.com been enhanced! Now, you may check the traffic easily with all the eight cameras showing above. Want some LIVE VIDEO? Yeah! Try to click on one of the camera images! Surprise!

Don't ever speed here

Check out the image above. Shot from Penang Bridge when I'm driving. When start entering Penang Bridge, the way is a bit curve, so you might cannot see the cars in front of you clearly. Please to be reminded, you have to pay attention not just the car in front of you, but CARS, about 3-4 cars in front before to your car. When accident happen, you are still have enough time to brake. So, please drive your car slow here, don't speed at least your eye can see through the wall / board and reach the cars in front.

A part of Penang Bridge Cracked!!?

Penang Bridge Cracked? That will wondering all Penang Bridge user, me too. Look at the images! You have to believe it.

Driving Along Penang Bridge

Thanks to "uncm" for sharing.


The number of motorcyclist drive along Penang Bridge keeps increasing. Please be reminded to watch out on the motorcyclist while you are driving along Penang Bridge during peak hour, especially in the morning. Those motorcyclists now like to drive in the middle of the road, this is really dangerous when cars are trying to cross line.

pbcamDothomeip No register No live Cam!

"Please register as member to avoid live hotspot close automatically after 35 sec."


What pbcamDothomeip now doing, they changed to forum. They have a forum named " my-auto " before, might because of sign up rate very very low, so they make their " Penang Bridge Live Cam " to a " force sign-up " style forum. If you want to check the traffic via their Live Cam now, you need to sign up as forum member now, so clever ya them.


pbcamDothomeip attack penangbridge.blogspot

Check out the image above. Let's see, how pbcamDothomeip ATTACK penangbridge.blogspot.com. Through comment, they did a lots! Really worry about penangbridge.blogspot.com. They did attack at forums as well, at Cari.

Do you think that is not over yet? Please check out the VALUED comments under "Welcome to pbcam.blogspot.com". Quite funny isn't it? That make my life full with challenging! Anything they also can comment to your blog, don't care how rude the words in used!

Well, this pbcam.blogspot.com, I only spend a nite to finish that. Purposely to share with you all about my " report ", experience of one year plus traveling from Butterworth to Penang to work and back home. I don't know that will make a " Comment's WAR " happen in my pbcam.blogspot.com.
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Search result for keywords " pbcam " of pbcam.iloveblog.com and pbcam.homeip ranking in Yahoo.

pbcam.iloveblog.com = developed last week November 2007.

pbcam.homeip = developed since September 2007

Introducing pbcam.iloveblog.com

Now you may choose which more suit to you, the all new pbcam.iloveblog.com with clean and nice template! Enjoy~

Ranking for " pbcam " at Google

When pbcam.blogspot.com just begin, search result for " pbcam " appeared at third page. Now, It jump to first page with 3rd and 4th rank!

Thanks to blogcatalog and bloggerschoiceawards. They brings me up!

Welcome to pbcam.blogspot.com

I hope what i have experienced everyday may help you all. I have been " traveling " from Butterworth to Penang in the morning to work at Bayan Baru, and back to Butterworth from Penang after work in the evening for 1 year plus already. Please keep update me by post up your comment if you have any updated news. Thousand thanks!

Bayan Lepas

Bayan Lepas, for those who preparing to go butterworth from Bayan Baru or Bayan Lepas, please take note that, every friday, start from 5.00pm, sure jam. Mostly because of all people who stay at Penang Island going back to butterworth, reason is weekends is coming.


The traffic here depends. If the traffic jam from the end of the bridge, Island serious, it will affect traffic here. Be careful. Speed limits here is 70kmj.

End of Penang Bridge, Penang Island

You gonna be careful here. If you are the one who plan to turn in Bayan Baru, please watch out the car on your right hand side. They might cut you and enter to your line, purposely to get faster. Might jam at the time is 7.15am onwards.

Penang Bridge Middle

The middle of the bridge now, from 3 lines to 2 lines, because one of the line has been close, under construction. Government are going to expand the width of the bridge. Drive safely. Traffic here, depends.

End of Penang Bridge, Prai

Here normally won't make much jam, except accident in front. Be careful, after you reach the end of the Penang Bridge, sometimes, speed camera is in front of you, try to reduce your speed below 80kmj.

Towards to Penang Bridge Toll Plaza

Here, a very headache place, always make jam, especially start from 7.15am morning. Why? This is because, about 10 lines of cars ( tolls ) going to " squeeze " into 2 lines ( Penang Bridge ). All are rushing to Penang to work. If you are the person who start working at 8am, advise you to start enter the toll before 7am.

Juru Highway

Juru highway, another highway which also connected to Penang Bridge, so there will be jam when the time is 5.00pm to 6.30pm, start from Juru traffic light there, some are going to Penang bridge, some are going back to butterworth.

Seberang Jaya Highway

Normally, traffic at Seberang Jaya highway there is smooth except in the morning between 7.00am to 8.30am. All people are going to work between the time, some are going to Seberang Perai ( Industrial state ), and some are heading to Penang Bridge.