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Check it out!

Bayan lepas there, just suddenly saw that when I was checking Penang Bridge traffic. Someone there are trying to help already.

Touchngo lines

Which Toughngo's line you think is faster? Two main lines there, left and right. I always choose the left side line, I feel that will be faster than the right line. My friend also feel that too. Sometimes, you may choose to use the " Tunai / Cash " line at beside, it has Touchngo machine too.

SmartTAG line, it seems like always jam and make a long long "Q" there. Might be SmartTAG's user more than Touchngo's user? or SmartTAG machine always make trouble and cause jam? Tell all the readers here more if you are one of the SmartTAG's user, please comment.

Save with Touchngo

Touchngo, I'm sure much of Penang guy knew it. Saving time, saving " Money " too! Why say so? Any discount by using that card? Yea, of course. For those who register and purchase the card at Penang Bridge toll there, will be entitled to RM5.60 when touch and go to Penang Bridge. Save RM1.40, which the normal price is RM7.00.

I'm just curious one thing, I found that if you purchase the same card but not at Penang Bridge toll there, will not entitled for the discount, is it a Privilege for those who purchase from Penang Bridge Toll only? Anyone know pls comment. THANKS!

Can't find where is the shop located at?
You have to turned left before you reach the Penang Bridge toll plaza, a building there, which is located at your right hand side. That is.

For more info, www.touchngo.com.my

Don't ever let it happen!

Please to be reminded that don't ever follow at lorry behind or let lorry following behind you when you are driving, especially at Penang Bridge. I'm sure many of you know why I say so. It is very dangerous! Lorry, a huge and high weight vehicle, it is tough to do " emergency brake " in a short time. Just imagine, if suddenly emergency brake at Penang Bridge, although that is just a little Kancil behind you, you will also feel scared will hit your back, what about if is a lorry behind you? I'm sure that will be more than scare, that lorry not just hit you, but maybe will kill you.

Nows a day lorry driver on the road are very not responsible, they speed driving, they cut you in dangerous way, when accident, what is the reason they give? Yea, is " out of control ", then settle.

Please, take note. Keep away yourself from lorry when you are driving, especially who are driving a little small car / vehicle.