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Driving Along Penang Bridge

Thanks to "uncm" for sharing.


The number of motorcyclist drive along Penang Bridge keeps increasing. Please be reminded to watch out on the motorcyclist while you are driving along Penang Bridge during peak hour, especially in the morning. Those motorcyclists now like to drive in the middle of the road, this is really dangerous when cars are trying to cross line.

pbcamDothomeip No register No live Cam!

"Please register as member to avoid live hotspot close automatically after 35 sec."


What pbcamDothomeip now doing, they changed to forum. They have a forum named " my-auto " before, might because of sign up rate very very low, so they make their " Penang Bridge Live Cam " to a " force sign-up " style forum. If you want to check the traffic via their Live Cam now, you need to sign up as forum member now, so clever ya them.


pbcamDothomeip attack penangbridge.blogspot

Check out the image above. Let's see, how pbcamDothomeip ATTACK penangbridge.blogspot.com. Through comment, they did a lots! Really worry about penangbridge.blogspot.com. They did attack at forums as well, at Cari.

Do you think that is not over yet? Please check out the VALUED comments under "Welcome to pbcam.blogspot.com". Quite funny isn't it? That make my life full with challenging! Anything they also can comment to your blog, don't care how rude the words in used!

Well, this pbcam.blogspot.com, I only spend a nite to finish that. Purposely to share with you all about my " report ", experience of one year plus traveling from Butterworth to Penang to work and back home. I don't know that will make a " Comment's WAR " happen in my pbcam.blogspot.com.
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