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Touchngo lines

Which Toughngo's line you think is faster? Two main lines there, left and right. I always choose the left side line, I feel that will be faster than the right line. My friend also feel that too. Sometimes, you may choose to use the " Tunai / Cash " line at beside, it has Touchngo machine too.

SmartTAG line, it seems like always jam and make a long long "Q" there. Might be SmartTAG's user more than Touchngo's user? or SmartTAG machine always make trouble and cause jam? Tell all the readers here more if you are one of the SmartTAG's user, please comment.


keong said...

I believe fast or not is does not matter as you are not suppose to expose yourself into dangerous by taking photo while driving, dude.

pbcam said...

Hi Dude,

Is okay because I took it when I was stopped in waiting to touch.


keong said...

Hey Dude,

You dun hao xiao :)