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What Cause Last Night Traffic SUX? Answer Is Here!

Yesterday night, I depart from my office at 10.45pm to go back home, you know, when I reached home, the time was 12.40am!!! Two hours been taken for the DAMN JAM!!!! What cause we all suffered? Why we been trapped? What made us went back home late? The answer showed by pictures above.

A lorry, delivering a huge and long pole ( I'm no sure is pole or not ) there. Closed one line and left one line only for all cars. That make all of us sux in the traffic. Why they don't wanna choose another day? They don't know every Friday sure will jam seriously?

Not only that, Butterworth Highway there also traffic jam, they also close from 3 lines to 1 line for road repairing.

Penang Bridge Traffic on time 1845

My dear traffic checkers,

Above was a screenshot from me for your updates on Penang Bridge traffic.

Latest update screenshot for you all!

Dear my readers,

I know you all now are rush to check the penang bridge traffic.
I have screenshot some available cameras when time 1703~1708. You all may keep stay here, sometimes can be viewed

Penang Bridge Toll Fee will be deducted RM1.00!!??

This news I got it from my friends, then share to you all here. Hope that will be true and be approved soon! If so,

Cash[ RM7.00 become RM6.00 ]

Touch&Go and SmartTag [ RM5.60 become RM4.60. ]

Wow! That help to save much for those traveling everyday to work!