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Microsoft - VisitMalaysia2007

Microsoft celebrate Malaysia 50 years of Nationhood together with their partners, customers and friends. The landing page they had been created is Nice! Click here to view the site.

Microsoft did provide some wallpapers too. One of the wallpapers they provided is our Penang Bridge. Nice is it? Yeah, just click on the images above to download and set it to be your desktop wallpaper, the size given here is 1600x1200. For widescreen, may download from here (2560x1600).

Penang Bridge LIVE Video!

Wow! pbcam.blogspot.com been enhanced! Now, you may check the traffic easily with all the eight cameras showing above. Want some LIVE VIDEO? Yeah! Try to click on one of the camera images! Surprise!

Don't ever speed here

Check out the image above. Shot from Penang Bridge when I'm driving. When start entering Penang Bridge, the way is a bit curve, so you might cannot see the cars in front of you clearly. Please to be reminded, you have to pay attention not just the car in front of you, but CARS, about 3-4 cars in front before to your car. When accident happen, you are still have enough time to brake. So, please drive your car slow here, don't speed at least your eye can see through the wall / board and reach the cars in front.

A part of Penang Bridge Cracked!!?

Penang Bridge Cracked? That will wondering all Penang Bridge user, me too. Look at the images! You have to believe it.