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Very jam from Queensbay until Jerejak there

Attention to my dear reader.

I just trapped in the traffic jam from Queensbay until Jerejak there, after that, smooth while getting up to the bridge. Please be patient. Jam without any reason, might be too many cars already.

Serious accident on the bridge

Dear my readers,

Just got news from frens, massive jam now on the bridge as serious accident happen. Kindly take note and inform your frens around to avoid being trapped in the traffic jam.

Penang Bridge CLOSE Tonight

Please to be informed that Penang Bridge will be CLOSED tonight for the Penang Bridge Marathon Event on 21st November 2010.
The time is from 1am to 10am, SUNDAY, 21st November 2010. Kindly take note.

各位请注意。槟城大桥将暂时关闭,从1am - 10am, 星期日,21st November 2010.

Ferry will still runnig 24 hours, 10 minutes interval.

Lorry Accident on the bridge?

Just wake up and check pbcam before going to penang island by using penang bridge. Who know.... I FOUND this... Accident again? Lorry somemore?

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Pbcam wish all of the blogger drive safe while traveling / driving to the event.

Never reach Penang Bridge at 7.30am

This morning, I reached Penang Bridge at 7.30am, very regret that I came out from house late, being trapped in the traffic jam. So you too, try to depart early, if not, you will cry.

* Lucky, I reached office at 8am sharp, consider no late. :P

Today's weather on Penang Bridge

Early in the morning at 7am while I was driving from Butterworth to Penang. A very bad weather at the end of Penang Bridge, heavy rain. Kindly drive safe especially those motorcyclist.

Penang Bridge website with new interface

Penang Bridge official website has been updated to new look / interface. Take a look to the screenshot as below, any comment about the new look?

website url: www.penangbridge.com.my

Penang bridge Widening Of The Longest Bridge In South East Asia

Wondering how was the progress of widening Penang Bridge? Check out the awesome 3D rendering Penang Bridge Widening Progress movie below:

3 Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) power cables caught fire on the Penang Bridge, causing a massive traffic jam.

The jam on both sides of the bridge, leading to the city and Butterworth, eased only after more than seven hours.

The 10am fire, which occurred some 2km away from the Prai toll plaza, also caused a two-minute power disruption in parts of Bayan Baru, Gelugor and the city yesterday.

* content taken from kwangwah and thestar.