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Last nite jam like wanna die!

Last nite, 19 Dec 2007, Wednesday, after complete my work the time was 11pm. I need to go back early and get my bus at 1245am to Kuala Lumpur. There was a busy jam which I had never met before, might because of next day is an public holiday ( Hari Raya Haji ). So, I had decided to use ferry, I turned to ferry, who know! Super jam there too!

Turned back to Penang Bridge, phoned to my friend to help to check Penang Bridge traffic with my pbcam. Finally I had arrived home at 12am. Prepare as soon as possible then get in my bus on time.

The reason jam also might be because of a Container stuck in the middle of Penang Bridge.


还我新闻自由0811快闪族 said...

《还我新闻自由0811快闪族》就在 KLCC 大厅!欢迎踊跃出席!


Deric Teong said...

Last nite is when?

pbcam said...

Hi Deric,

That was 19 Dec 2007, Wednesday. Next day was Thursday, Haji.