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Please drive extreme carefully on bridge when heavy rainy day.

I strongly recommend that to all Penang Bridge Driver : " Please drive extreme carefully on bridge when heavy rainy day. "

Today, a super heavy wind and rainy day. I was on the spot saw a car hit the signboard on bridge, which the signboard was " moving " to center by the HEAVY WIND!!!

After that, I was almost hit a defender too which also " moving " to center by the WIND...


How is the expandable works now on Penang bridge?

Last week i had taken photos for the expandable works on Penang Bridge. Kinda speed up already, seems the " bone " almost done, will be going to fill up the TAR soon I think.

BREAKING NEWS: Petrol will be RM2.70 a litre

The government has just announced that petrol price will go up by 78 sen at midnight - a 40.6 percent jump from RM1.92 per litre to RM2.70.

  • Diesel to go up by RM1 to RM2.58

  • RM625 rebate for cars below 2000cc

  • Motorcyclists will get rebate of RM125


Start from 1st June 2008, every car passengers who sit behind need to tight up with seat belt.

However, no summons for the offence will be issued until the end of August. The ruling is only effective for cars registered after January 1995.

For those who own a Perodua Kancil and Kenari cars manufactured in 1998 and until mid-2004 will be exempted from the compulsory backseat belt rule.

For more info, please click here

* Image from brake.org.uk. Thanks.

Penang Bridge Environment Updates

Hi my dear traffic checker and reader, last week, I had past Penang Bridge on noon and found that was a suitable day and time to shoot the latest Penang Bridge environment to update you all. Here's the photos.

What Cause Last Night Traffic SUX? Answer Is Here!

Yesterday night, I depart from my office at 10.45pm to go back home, you know, when I reached home, the time was 12.40am!!! Two hours been taken for the DAMN JAM!!!! What cause we all suffered? Why we been trapped? What made us went back home late? The answer showed by pictures above.

A lorry, delivering a huge and long pole ( I'm no sure is pole or not ) there. Closed one line and left one line only for all cars. That make all of us sux in the traffic. Why they don't wanna choose another day? They don't know every Friday sure will jam seriously?

Not only that, Butterworth Highway there also traffic jam, they also close from 3 lines to 1 line for road repairing.

Penang Bridge Traffic on time 1845

My dear traffic checkers,

Above was a screenshot from me for your updates on Penang Bridge traffic.

Latest update screenshot for you all!

Dear my readers,

I know you all now are rush to check the penang bridge traffic.
I have screenshot some available cameras when time 1703~1708. You all may keep stay here, sometimes can be viewed

Penang Bridge Toll Fee will be deducted RM1.00!!??

This news I got it from my friends, then share to you all here. Hope that will be true and be approved soon! If so,

Cash[ RM7.00 become RM6.00 ]

Touch&Go and SmartTag [ RM5.60 become RM4.60. ]

Wow! That help to save much for those traveling everyday to work!

pbcam's Cameras Now Are "AutoRefresh"!

Every 10 Seconds, pbcam's cameras will be refreshed automatically NOW! Thousand thanks to Seymour, Java King!

More Cameras, Do You Think Better?

Hi my dear traffic checkers and readers,

As you know, more cameras now in the "market" available for you to check traffics at different places where nearby Penang Bridge.

Now, 8 cameras is here already, 7 more new cameras I haven't decided to put in. I wanna ask about you all opinion, should I install more 7 cameras for you to check traffic? Will it better? or will mess up and cause you blur?

Tell me, click on the comment button below to let me know your opinion, really appreciate it.

Happy Valentine Day!

Wish you all a Happy and Lovely Valentine Day! Think of your love when driving, be careful. :)

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

A Happy Chinese New Year to my dear readers! Thanks for your support and wishing you a happy and prosperous new year!

Please to be reminded, drive carefully, think of your family when you are on the way driving back home.

We are Copycat??

Today's HOT news, we been sued by the "Owner" of Penang 2nd Bridge's Design, which about our Penang 2nd Bridge design is copied from them. We need to compensate them about 1 million and five hundred thousand!! Now, the whole Penang 2nd Bridge cost about 40 million already... damn!

Penang 2nd Bridge are keep having problems recently. Before that was about Penang 2nd Bridge temp stop work because of fisherman complains, now is sued by the owner of Penang 2nd Bridge design... Who knows, maybe more?

If you still have no idea about the design or Penang 2nd Bridge, here to show.

Updated news from theStar, please click here.

Work temp STOP! on Penang Second Bridge.

Work temp STOP! on Penang Second Bridge because of fisherman complains???

1500 of fisherman complain that the progress of developing Penang Second Bridge effect fishes around " run away " and cause them low income.

If going to stop work, so when it will be started? After the fishes become more brave to swim around? After the fisherman change their jobs to non-fishing jobs like blogger or web master? What about change their fishing area to another?

They have to consider this before they start to build up Penang Second Bridge, but not temp stop it. Penang Second Bridge is not only important to bridge users, but also to our country, that will be one of our famous tourism places in MALAYSIA!

7.30am Penang Bridge Damn Jam!

08 Jan 2008 - I have lated come out from home to Penang Bridge due to some problem with my car. I reach Seberang Jaya Highway there about 7.30am, look at the photos! Damn jam there! I really wanna faint down when saw that, jam until Penang Bridge plaza toll.

After 7am, really cannot think to use Penang Bridge smoothly, all the cars been start to stuck there...

Advertlets back!

Welcome back Advertlets. Today their site seems fine already. ^^

Advertlets make my site sux

Just found my site been redirect to other site when advertlets advertisement been loaded. Apologize to all of you, my dear reader. Now my site is fine.

Do anybody know what is going on with Advertlets? Seems unavailable already.

Penang Second Bridge

Our RM3bil Penang Second Bridge look. The second bridge would be the longest in South-East Asia when completed in January 2011.

More information, may check out at skyscrapercity.com

Hurray! Petrol price not yet been increased!

Congrat to all drivers. Petrol not yet been confirmed to increase, so we still can enjoy the current rate price, hopefully won't be increased so fast.