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Late Nite 12.45am also Jam! What the F!

Last night, it was late, about 12.45am, I just back from Redbox KTV. When I was start entering Penang Bridge, the traffic shock me! It was jammed! What the F! 1 line has been closed, for expanded project. After Penang Bridge, I thought I had been released from jam, who knows... Jam again. Police block at in front. So, wait again and again. Finally I have arrived home at 1.45am... zzz

Do you know?

Try to check our your car's rear mirror now, maybe you are not realize, there is a button at the bottom of the mirror. You might wonder what is the function when we switch the button down or up? Some of you might say, that is for different height driver adjust to suit within a car. NO, that is wrong. Look at the photo I had shot for you, before and after. Can you differentiate it? " Before ", the behind car's light is brighter than the " after ". That is the way to use. Sometimes when we are driving at night, car's headlight / spotlight at behind might straight to your eyes and feel very uncomfortable, because it is too bright. Try to adjust to button down / up, the brightness will be reduced about 70%! Amazing?

Rainy day traffic

Last Wednesday, it was a rainy day. Before I depart from house, I was wondering will the Penang Bridge traffic jam!? Yea, there was jammed after I check out my pbcam.blogspot.com. Usually, in rainy day, you have to prepare yourself earlier and try to reach Penang Bridge toll plaza as early as possible to avoid from trapped in the traffic jam. Please drive safety and slow, don't ever speed at Penang Bridge especially in rainy day. You will face a " big problem " if you always try to do so.

pbcam now with finetune!

Checking traffic and read through my blog without music is boring? Now, pbcam have finetune! You may enjoy the greatest music while browsing my blog now. What should you do? Just scroll down, and press the play button. Enjoy! I will keep update the songs playist.

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4 Giants " Attack " Penang Bridge!

Yesterday morning. When I was waiting at the " Tambah nilai " ( touchngo top up ) line, suddenly a GIANT come across! That shock me! Wao, that lorry really huge! At the first i though one only, who knows...3 more following at the back! I start wondering, later will them make the Penang Bridge traffic jam? Fortunately, no jam. Might because of holiday season, not much cars in the morning now.

* That 4 giants really HUGE, really scared.

Can you live without Penang Bridge?

I have wondered… can you live without Penang Bridge but Ferry? I know it is taugh for certain people to use Ferry, because of time problem - need to wait.

My dear readers, if you don't mind, leave me a message ( comment ) about how, if one day, no Penang Bridge, will that cause you a big problem?

CHEC will bulid second Penang bridge

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