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Don't ever let it happen!

Please to be reminded that don't ever follow at lorry behind or let lorry following behind you when you are driving, especially at Penang Bridge. I'm sure many of you know why I say so. It is very dangerous! Lorry, a huge and high weight vehicle, it is tough to do " emergency brake " in a short time. Just imagine, if suddenly emergency brake at Penang Bridge, although that is just a little Kancil behind you, you will also feel scared will hit your back, what about if is a lorry behind you? I'm sure that will be more than scare, that lorry not just hit you, but maybe will kill you.

Nows a day lorry driver on the road are very not responsible, they speed driving, they cut you in dangerous way, when accident, what is the reason they give? Yea, is " out of control ", then settle.

Please, take note. Keep away yourself from lorry when you are driving, especially who are driving a little small car / vehicle.

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