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I hope what i have experienced everyday may help you all. I have been " traveling " from Butterworth to Penang in the morning to work at Bayan Baru, and back to Butterworth from Penang after work in the evening for 1 year plus already. Please keep update me by post up your comment if you have any updated news. Thousand thanks!

Bayan Lepas

Bayan Lepas, for those who preparing to go butterworth from Bayan Baru or Bayan Lepas, please take note that, every friday, start from 5.00pm, sure jam. Mostly because of all people who stay at Penang Island going back to butterworth, reason is weekends is coming.


The traffic here depends. If the traffic jam from the end of the bridge, Island serious, it will affect traffic here. Be careful. Speed limits here is 70kmj.

End of Penang Bridge, Penang Island

You gonna be careful here. If you are the one who plan to turn in Bayan Baru, please watch out the car on your right hand side. They might cut you and enter to your line, purposely to get faster. Might jam at the time is 7.15am onwards.

Penang Bridge Middle

The middle of the bridge now, from 3 lines to 2 lines, because one of the line has been close, under construction. Government are going to expand the width of the bridge. Drive safely. Traffic here, depends.

End of Penang Bridge, Prai

Here normally won't make much jam, except accident in front. Be careful, after you reach the end of the Penang Bridge, sometimes, speed camera is in front of you, try to reduce your speed below 80kmj.

Towards to Penang Bridge Toll Plaza

Here, a very headache place, always make jam, especially start from 7.15am morning. Why? This is because, about 10 lines of cars ( tolls ) going to " squeeze " into 2 lines ( Penang Bridge ). All are rushing to Penang to work. If you are the person who start working at 8am, advise you to start enter the toll before 7am.

Juru Highway

Juru highway, another highway which also connected to Penang Bridge, so there will be jam when the time is 5.00pm to 6.30pm, start from Juru traffic light there, some are going to Penang bridge, some are going back to butterworth.

Seberang Jaya Highway

Normally, traffic at Seberang Jaya highway there is smooth except in the morning between 7.00am to 8.30am. All people are going to work between the time, some are going to Seberang Perai ( Industrial state ), and some are heading to Penang Bridge.