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Reach Bridge at 7.30am Today

27 December 2007, Thursday, woke up at 6.15am, preparing to work, while going to start my car engine, shit! Found that my right side, tire behind punctured!! Oh my god! I gonna be late to work already. Sms to tauke, inform him first I will work at 9am, in case of been trapped in traffic jam.

7.20am, finally the tire been replaced with spare tire, then just speed up to work, arrived company at 8.01am. Lol, 1 minute late, have to count as start work at 9am already.

What I wanna share here is, base on the time, you can see I just took half an hour to reach my office, located at Bayan Baru, means that, in holiday season, Penang Bridge traffic in the MORNING can be considered good enough if compare to non-holiday season.

Santa landed at Penang Bridge!

Santa has been landed at Penang Bridge, bringing his wishes to all of you, wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and hope for No jam forever!

Thanks to asiaexplorers.com

Searching Penang Bridge's images with Google. Found asiaexplorers.com. Check out all the images above, a very unique shot photos done by them. You might be never seen and curious how is the structure behind the Penang Bridge, now, from them, from their nice shot photos, you got the answer.