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7.30am Penang Bridge Damn Jam!

08 Jan 2008 - I have lated come out from home to Penang Bridge due to some problem with my car. I reach Seberang Jaya Highway there about 7.30am, look at the photos! Damn jam there! I really wanna faint down when saw that, jam until Penang Bridge plaza toll.

After 7am, really cannot think to use Penang Bridge smoothly, all the cars been start to stuck there...


szern said...

till now the brige is still jam. But there is no news about what happen in The Bridge..

pbcam said...

Hi Szern,

Thanks for your comment. Sometimes, penang bridge jam might because of too many cars keep driving in, one of the car in front slow down, will cause all the cars behind slowing down too.